Right then, me. I think I shall try and stick to my working methods and then branch out into a little bit about me, the person. If you’re not that bothered about lots of words and can’t really be arsed to read them, stop reading in a bit, but do travel to my various online guises. The links above with take you to my Pigg By Design facebook page, it’s a mix of work and a bit of personal insight. Also up there my twitter account. I talk shit, a lot, but then again so does everyone there (note: changed this now to the Pigg by Design account, so expect less shit, in fact less chat, but more relevant chat to what I do). My Flickr account is predominately a copy of my Instagram account, Instagram being in my humble opinion the best camera app for the iPhone/android. A vast array of photos and images that I reckon are pretty good representation of me in photo form. Last but not least, well, maybe that’s not true my Google+ account. I’m going to be honest here, I’ve had this since it was in the beta stage and am at a loss as to what the fuck it’s all about. I’m persevering with it (more than my linkedIn (which incendentally I’ve reinstated here, though am close to wiping off due to the inability to clear ’employees’)) for now as I’m a big google fanboy, though I’ve euthenized my myspace now (ooh new note, have had new myspace for ages now, haven’t done owt with it, shame as it looks well slick). I’m still shy about my soundcloud page as I’m yet to finish any of my tracks but have a look anyway, forget mastering and turn it up, they sound alright loud. Phew, on with the words (non-readers leave now).