Graphic Design

How you look to your potential clients via your mail outs, flyers, adverts and web sites is crucial. You only get one chance to make a first impression. It’s no good just seeing someone else’s design work and saying “I’ll have that”, what will be work and be suitable for one company can be completely wrong for another. Just because it looks good, doesn’t make it right. I work closely with my clients to get the most out of your design. Communication is key. Understand the client, understand the brand.

I’ve seen a lot in this industry over the years from market traders trying to give the impression that they are multi national companies, to big buying, big spending imports using clip art and Internet templates and looking like cowboys. Knowing who your targets are and aiming for them in the right way ensures you get what you want and what your company needs. Branding should also be an ongoing organic part of your business. When you first get up and running you should have that “yes, this is me” feel to your brand but what you should also bear in mind is that times, trends and people change and evolve. (I’m writing an article logo developmenton this at present keep an eye out for it, better still subscribe to me and I’ll send you it when it’s done. Oh, and if it’s up now already and you’ve reading or know of its existence and you’re reading this bit because it hasn’t been replaced by a link to, erm, could you tell me as it must have slipped my mind. cheers). This version of my site is (I think) number 4. Where as most of the elements and content have stayed the same, the look and layouts have altered. There has definitely been an evolution of design in my sites, from a more mac based corporate feel, to this more illustrated, personal site that you are browsing now. This change I know is for the better, if I can give you a better idea who I am (and not who I want you to think I am) then if you decide I can help with your projects you’ll know exactly who you are dealing with.

In your branding using the correct colours is just as important as images and typeface. Knowing which colours invoke the correct feelings for your preferred demographic is vital, and having the themes link throughout your marketing is a powerful way of having your brand recognised.

My work has seen me on projects from business stationery through to menus and price lists, posters to magazine adverts, my time in this industry and my creative eye have helped me hone my skills so that I can produce the best of works for you, so that you can get the best out of your clients.

I design for a number of different printing methods which each require setting in a unique way. For instance designing a full colour flyer is going to require a different process to a single colour envelope or an award. I can take you through the reasons and processes behind each type to help give you a better understanding of what can and can’t be achieved using your chosen designs across the media available.

To give you some idea of the products I can design for, here’s a list, not an entire list mind, just a guide, there’s more…

Business Stationery: Letterheads, business cards, comp slips, folders, note pads, invoices (with terms & conditions)

Marketing Products: Flyers, pop-up banners, price lists, bookmarks, stickers, adverts, posters, vouchers, gift cards

Miscellaneous: Exterior banners, trophies, certificates, laptop covers, I.D. cards, P.O.S. shop signs, awards, vehicles, pens, keyrings

and much more…