get to know me

get to know me

get to know me

OK then, either you got bored or actually want to know a little about me, or think that there’s some sort of secret game here. There isn’t, sorry. If you want the facts about my working/educated life then the C.V. is there for that, here I shall extend some of the more personal point that are covered at the end of it.

To cover this subject, namely me, I think to keep some sort of structure I shall have do a question and answer somewhere and then rewrite the answers into some sort of continual prose. Hmmm, I’m thinking dating sites should be good for this, they’ll cover most of the topics….

edit: first  published 19/03/2012, I’ve now updated some of the answers.

heart scribble

…turns out that was a shit idea, nearly ended up having to meet Derek, likes long walks in the woods and vaseline, next week. Think I may have dodged an awkward silence there. However, after accidentally using my real email address and spamming myself to hell, and knocking back all of those lovely ladies, and the swelling went down from the black eye Laura (my betrothed) helped me with after she found out what I’d been up to, I did find a better solution. It seems the dating site idea wasn’t a total loss, as it put me onto a plethora of sites with recommended questions for if you’re planning on partaking in speed dating. So I’m gonna copy and paste them from and go with that, what can possibly go wrong?

1) What do you do for work? Dumb question for this really, however if this was speed dating I would totally lie and say musician/poet just for shits and giggles.

2) Where are you from? Born and raised in Newcastle, proud Geordie.

3) What is the one thing about yourself that you would like me to know? That there is many things about me you should know.

4) When was your last relationship and how long did it last? Erm, it’s still ongoing. My ever gorgeous Laura is the apple of my eye and we have been together since 2005. This kind of answer on dating sites (and I’d imagine speed dating) doesn’t go down too well.

edit: Since I actually wrote this we got married.

5) What are you looking for in a relationship? This is just a silly question and I’m beginning to think I should have edited them instead of just copying and pasting.

6) What do you think is the most important value in a relationship? At least 2 people.

7 ) Do you want to marry or have you ever been married? Of course, though I won’t be applying for ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ or ‘4 Weddings’ or any of that type of shit anytime soon (edit, see question 4).

8) What do you look for in a husband/wife? Someone to make me sandwiches (edit, that actually doesn’t happen).

9) Do you want/do you have any children? Yes, I’d love a brood, some miniatures to can live my life the way I should have.

edit: we have 2 boys.

10) What do you do for fun? At last a question that seems relevant. I love music, football and gaming, though I’m not fanatical over games, no W.O.W. RPGs. Supporter of Newcastle United, player for the Seahorse FC and Wayne’s World (5 a side, recent champions of the top division on Mondays at the Powerleague in Shields I’ll have you know).

edit: still play football, not as much and no 11 a side. No time for gaming these days, Lego City with the boys is about my lot. Still bang into music though, now have a ukulele, banjo and harmonica to add to the guitars.

11) What are you most proud about? Tricky one this, a few moments of achievement throughout my life. First having my design chosen to be the schools Christmas card (about 1991, though they used it for a few years). Any gig I’ve set up that was a success always makes me feel proud. Being part of 4 People Not Profit and doing whatever small part I can to help someone anywhere is a good thing. Getting to this stage of my life is also a bonus. How do you think those answers would go down in a speed dating scenario?

edit: I have to add doing what I do for a living makes me proud, there’s some effort goes into this. The amount I’ve learned since writing this is incredible. And my 2 boys, they are awesome.

12) Is religion important to you? Religion is evil. It’s just a form for control backed up with fairy stories. Just be nice to each other.

13) Do you follow politics? To some extent, though the futile nature of getting any change that benefits the masses and not those in charge just annoys me.

14) Do you believe in love at first sight? Aye, why not.

15) What is your most treasured possession and why? My memories.

16) What is your favorite month of the year and why? August. I love the summer. and my birthday, tee hee.

17) Which is your favorite book/movie? Why is this one question? do you either love books or movies? and for that only one genre? what is up with that? To attempt answer I’ll start with book, it’s easier, as I do actually have a favourite. Trainspotting, Irvine Welsh. Love the way it’s written, love the stories with in, all in all great book. Movie wise I don’t think I could answer with just one as I would have to go through the genres and top 5 each so that all could get recognition without favouritism going towards any set style based on the mood I’m in now.

18) Which is the last book you read? One of Jeremy Clarkson’s, I forget which one. Made me chuckle. (edit, even though I think he’s a massive twat now)

19) Which is the one job in the world that you would love to do? Other than what I actually do, I think musician. Not just a world star with piss poor lyrics written by a team of twats, manufactured with stylists, publicists and such other ‘cists. No, a proper musician. I actually play the guitar (not just Guitar Hero) and arrange breakbeat and techno tracks with FL 10. My taste in music is spread far and wide, crossing many genres so think I have a good grasp on music and would have a decent message to send with my tunes… if i was a musician full time…

20) Which is your favorite music and your favorite singer/band? The Beatles were the best thing to happen to music. FACT!

21) Do you like animals/keep pets? I have many cats.

22) How do you spend your spare time? Dicking around on the PC, mostly music related, or watching films. I’d like to have put drawing as I do still do it from time to time, but just not nearly as much as I’d like.

edit: not much has changed here mind, although there’s more lightsabre and nerf gun fights in my life now.

23) Where do you see yourself in five years time? With extended family, strong working client base and a faster car.

edit: really close, faster car was replaced by a practical car unfortunately.

24) If you were an animal in the wild, what would you be? Cold and hungry, oh wait, a cat of some description. yes, a cat.

25) Do you believe a cup is half empty or half full? Depends if I’ve spilt something or am drinking it.

26) If you could travel back through time, what single mistake would you correct in life? None, any change would no doubt result in a paradox of such destructive proportions that returning back to this point of the timeline would be impossible and may even be the cause of the destruction of the whole space time continuum. and I hate hypotheticals.

27) You have got six months to live, what will you do first? Head to DFS?

28) Is sexual compatibility important to you? Yes, never tried to fuck a pie but after watching that film reckon on humans sticking to humans is an ace idea.

29) Who was your hero, as a child? Was actually a massive Kevin Keegan fan.

edit:still am x

30) If you won a lottery, how would you spend your millions? Probably on loads of gadgets and shite I don’t need and general tat. Some quality holidays though.

31) Which was the first crush you ever had? can’t remember…

32) What makes you laugh/cry? What’s with the doubles again? Right funny things make me laugh, sad things make me cry. I don’t know any sad things. To answer properly I’d say a lot makes me laugh. I have a horrible sense of humour and laugh at things I probably shouldn’t laugh at.

33) If you have friends coming over, what would you cook? Probably chilli with lashings of tequilla.

34) Describe your perfect holiday. One thinks frozen Alaska, the other sunny Australia. Needs sun and lazy about. Booze also.

35) Which T.V. program would you never miss? Never miss owt, I have a + box.

edit: I don’t anymore and I don’t watch much now. Besides, it’s all on catch up. 

36) What is the last CD you bought? didn’t answer this one, mostly all downloads these days, but I did get a Maximo Park CD as it came with a DVD of a live show I was at.

37) Are you a morning person or a night person? Night owl, all day long.

38) Would you like to climb a mountain or trek across a desert? Probably not.

39) What adjective would a close friend use to describe you? Funty.

40) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Newcastle, but move the city somewhere hotter, with nice beaches.

41) Into which personality’s shoes would you like to step for a day? The Queen’s.

edit: Would I bollocks. Terrible answer.

42) Who is you favorite actor/actress/celebrity and why? Not really sure I have one, wouldn’t mind having a pint or two with Jack Nicholson mind…

43) Who is your favorite sportsperson? As above, Keegan.

44) What is your favorite sporting activity? Dumb question when considering the above.

45) Which is your favorite genre of movies – comedy/thriller/action? Mood dependent. Easier to list what I don’t like, long winded period dramas…


Well, I hope that was informative and gave you a good insight into my world. Then again, after reading some of that back, maybe honesty isn’t the best policy…


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